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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Artefacts on the move from San Al-Haggar museum to new Giza museum - Museums - Heritage - Ahram Online

Artefacts on the move from San Al-Haggar museum to new Giza museum

A collection of a hundred ancient Egyptian artefacts is to arrive to the Grand Egyptian Museum on the Giza plateau

Nevine El-Aref , Friday 27 May 2016

Ushabti figurines

packing and transportation process of the artefacts

Curators from the Grand Egyptian Museum on Friday restored and packaged artefacts at San Al-Haggar museum in the Tel Basta archaeological site in the Delta in order to transport them to the as-yet-unopened museum in Cairo.

Eissa Zidan, head of the restoration department at the new museum, told Ahram Online that the artefacts include objects from different eras of ancient Egyptian history.

Among the most important are a limestone relief depicting a supervisor of royal war chariots named Hasnefermerptah and his wife, as well as a collection of late period sphinxes, the sarcophagus of a priest of Sobek and limestone statues from the Middle Kingdom.

A number of Graeco-Roman limestone heads area also among the batch, as well as pieces of mummy masks made from cartonnage.

The objects were packed in order to be transported to the new museum early next week, where they will be subjected to restoration and added to the permanent displays.

Carttonage mummy mask

A sphinx statue


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