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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

About us | Association for Students of Egyptology

Association for Students of Egyptology

About us

The ASE aims to create an online network for students of Egyptology all over the world to benefit development of studies on ancient Egyptian culture. This means that using our website, we provide a platform to meet your colleagues online. Egyptology requires cooperation with other scholars who are doing similar thigs and are struggling with the same problems. Someties you need to visit for example Berlin, Leiden, or London, to see collections, museums’ magazines or libraries and you don’t know anybody there. Well, we would like to do something like Couch Surfing for young Egyptologists. You can look up your colleagues in the city you are looking for or ask the local representative to help you. This is a perfect way to reach out to your fellow students, find help and accomodation. The more colleagues you meet, the better! There are many student’s events related to Egyptology and archaeology of Egypt around the world and many student’s associations which are doing similar things, like conferences, study trips to different museums’ collections, to Egypt, etc. The ASE aims to keep its members in touch of what the students all over the world are doing using social media to encourage cooperation among organisations and individual persons. We will also organise one major event a year and publish a bulletin.

The aim of the bulletin is presentation of current studies related with ongoing BA, MA and PhD dissertations. We encourage you to send us short papers presenting the topic of your dissertation, issues and aims of your work. This will help to you to see what kinds of researches are in preparation and look for people with similar interests with whom you may contact. Details about the bulletin will be published shortly.

We build this network with an academic background; not only will you be able to meet your fellow students, you will also be able to exchange any kind of research you are working on. If you need feedback on your research, or simply want to share your findings, the ASE-website is perfect for this purpose. We are also composing a ‘student council’ which will be there for you if you need help with anything; choosing an MA-topic, finding a thesis-advisor, or just to brainstorm about where you’d like to proceed your studies, be it BA- MA- PhD or simply an exchange programme or internship.

Part of our website will be dedicated to giving an overview of all BA- MA- and PhD-programmes concerning the study of Egyptology all over the world. We will also start a database of all current ongoing PhD-programmes to prevent colleagues from doing the same subject and to encourage cooperation and communication in the field. We will also make a list of available PhD-programmes, internships and exchange programmes, as well as a list of museums housing Egyptian collections, universities offering an Egyptology degree and an overview of all institutes considering Egyptology. Our aim is to facilitate students of Egyptology as well as possible.

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