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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[EEF] ASE-study trip to Torino

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Subject: [EEF] ASE-study trip to Torino
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 21:17:11 +0200
From: A.K. Eyma

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From: ASE Association for Students of Egyptology <>

Dear list members,

From July 7-9, the newly founded Association for Students of
Egyptology (ASE) is organising a study trip to Turin. All BA-
MA-and PhD-students of Egyptology are cordially invited to join.

On Thursday the 7th, we are visiting the famous Museo Egizio,
where one of the curators will show us around the museum's
wonderful collection of Egyptian antiquities and tell us
something about the museum itself. In the afternoon we are
meeting with the ASET, the Association for Students of
Egyptology in Turin and have dinner with our colleagues.

On Friday the 8th, we have a visit planned to the archaeological
museum in the morning. In the afternoon, we will have a joint
event with the CipEG, who happen to be in Turin at the same
time. A picknick with pizza, wine and gelato, what else do
we want?

On Saturday the 9th, we get an exclusive presentation about
the Egyptian collection at the anthropology museum. Unfortunately
their museum is closed for renovation, but the curator has been
so kind as to offer us a presentation about their collection,
which includes several mummies, some shabtis, and a a wide
collection of photos from the excavations of the Missione
Archeologica Italiana in Egypt between 1911-1936. In the
evening we will have our goodbye-dinner.

Our schedule is preliminary. This means that all activities
will indeed take place, but they might not happen on the
intended day. The costs of the study trip depend on the
participant; ASE takes care of arranging the programme and
the students take care of flights & accomodation. The entrance
fees for the museums are minimal.

For registration, please send an email to,
as well as for more information.

For more information about the trip, have a look at our newsletter:

< >

My request to the EEF-list members is to spread our study trip
among your student communities, you can forward the mail, or
download the poster, which can be found here:

< >

If you are a student of Egyptology and you'd like to register
with ASE, look at, or for more
information, reach us at

Best regards,
Lonneke Delpeut
President of the ASE

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