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Sudan: Central Bank unveils new 100-pound denomination within current series | Coin Update

Sudan: Central Bank unveils new 100-pound denomination within current series

The Central Bank of Sudan has confirmed (28th January) the production of the new 100-pound banknote denomination which is expected to be released into general use toward the end of February. This denomination, as well as two additional banknote values of 200 and 500 pounds, are being introduced in an effort to reduce the shortage of banknotes in circulation and to alleviate the need for greater amounts of smaller denominations in a single cash transaction.

The new 100-pound banknote is equal in exchange to U.S. $2.10 at current rates, and with its official issue, it would be Sudan's largest value banknote in circulation until the 200 and 500-pound notes are released. The note's design is similar to other notes presently in use, which were first introduced in 2006 and whose theme was based on Sudanese civilisation.  The currently circulating banknotes range from one to 50 pounds. The Sudanese Pound was issued to replace the previous dinar issued in 1992 until the Central Bank revised the national currency in 2006 and issued a Sudanese pound, with an exchange rate of 100 dinars to one new pound.

A revised series of banknotes were issued in 2011 that were similar in design to the previous series, but with slight amendments to state symbols which referenced the southern portion of the country, which gained independence as South Sudan the same year.

The new 100-pound banknote is printed at a source within the country and is managed by the Central Bank. The note measures 148 by 66 millimetres and has a dominant brown colour with corresponding under-print shades. The face side includes a depiction of the pyramids of the Kushite rulers at Meroë, located in an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile, which is approximately 200 kilometres (125 miles) northeast of Khartoum.

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The back includes selected illustrations of Sudan's many dams, crucial to the management of the country's water resources that also generates valuable energy. The images are centred and include three specific views. Shown in a vertical direction is the date JANUARY 2019 and it is seen to the right of the central motif. 

Security features include:

  • Watermark: The image of a falcon's head is seen when the banknote is held up against a light source. 
  • Latent image: A rectangular field is located to the left of the primary design when viewed from the face side, and, when tilted, the initials reveal CBS.
  • Holographic strip: Shown on the face, a segmented holographic strip with the initials CBS appears to move and change colour to reveal a geometric pattern when the note is tilted.
  • Tactile application: To the far right side of the note is a series of raised dots that are used to identify the banknote for those who are visually impaired.
  • Colour-shifting application: On the face side, a colour-shifting application in the shape of a pyramid is seen just to the left of the field of raised dots. The pyramid changes colour when the note is tilted.

Sudanese media sources familiar with the Central Bank have confirmed the commencement of the printing of 200 and 500-pound banknotes. Unconfirmed reports from within the country have mentioned these two banknote denominations are scheduled for release in February and March, respectively. For additional information about Sudanese coins and banknotes, please visit the website of the Central Bank of Sudan.

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