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Thursday, January 28, 2021

UC Berkeley’s "Book of the Dead in 3D" Is Now in Arabic

UC Berkeley's Book of the Dead in 3D Is Now in Arabic

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I am glad to announce that the Book of the Dead in 3D website page is now available also in Arabic, in an effort to value the use of this language in the Egyptological community. I wish to thank the Egyptian colleague and student team members of the project for making this possible, in particular Naglaa Ezz el-Dean, Amr Gaber, Jason Silvestri for the translations, and Kea Johnston for the technical implementation of the Arabic text on the website. We are still working toward parity between the English and Arabic versions--not all of the coffins are available in Arabic yet, but will be soon. We are also working toward providing a way for Arabic audiences to access the annotations and translations of the texts on the coffins, but this will probably take some time because of a number of technical challenges.

As Egyptologists, we think that more efforts need to be done in sharing our research contents within a wider community, including a primarily Arabic-speaking audience.

This has been and still is a learning experience for our student team members:

"I am glad we are working to localize the site to Arabic because it makes the site more accessible to Egyptian audiences. The objects that we study were sacred to the ancestors of the modern Egyptians. Making our research on them as accessible to the largest Egyptian audience possible is simply the right thing to do" (Kea Johnston).

"I believe that providing the Arabic translations on the website of the project will allow us to open up conversations with many other specialists. Then, the project can be an example of accessibility not just with technology, but language." (Jessica Johnson).

Please check our new Arabic page out, we would be glad to receive any feedback to improve it!

Rita Lucarelli

Project Leader, Book of the Dead in 3D

UC Berkeley

--   Sent from my Linux system.

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