The South Asasif Conservation Project is open for its 2020 season!  Congratulations to our sponsors, team member and friends. The site will be open until the end of December 2020 and we hope to see many of you in South Asasif.

The start of the season was delayed due to pandemic-related issues but we never stopped believing in returning to Egypt this year. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for making it possible.

Elena Pischikova and Katherine Blakeney start every day with checking everybody's temperatures and dispersing masks to the members of the team.  Everybody looks healthy and eager to go back to work.

We are very happy to reunite with our wonderful colleagues Fathy Yassin, General Director of Antiquities of the West Bank of Luxor, Ramadan Ahmed Ali, General Director of the Foreign Missions Department, Ezz Elnoby, Director of the Middle Area, Said Ali Said, inspector and archaeologist, Hassan Mohamed Ali, archaeologist, Reis Mohamed Ali, Abdelrazk Mohamed Ali, Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Hassan Dimerdash, Mohamed Shebib, Mohamed Bedawy, Mohamed Abu Hakem, Said Ali, Taib Said Mohamed, conservators, Hussein Mohamed Hassan, stone cutter and many others.

Watch for regular updates from the site!

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