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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Egyptians Up in Arms Over Fake Photo Circulated by Saudi Media

Egyptians Up in Arms Over Fake Photo Circulated by Saudi Media

Egyptians were not happy!

Saudi Flag on Giza Pyramids

Amidst heightened security measures around Cairo, which included emptying up the entirety of the Four Seasons Hotel for his entourage, the controversial Saudi Crown Prince landed in the Egyptian capital earlier this week as the third stop of his tour of Arab countries, after visiting UAE and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabian media spared no effort in making the tour a successful PR stunt. In an incident that infuriated many Egyptians, Saudi local media propagated a fake photo of the Giza Pyramids with the Saudi flag projected on them, which they described as a 'welcome gesture' to the Crown Prince - except that it never happened.

Tunisia, dubbed the Arab world's only democracy, was the last stop on MbS' Arab tour before taking off to the G20 Summit in Argentina - all the more reason why the young crown prince was seeking to showcase the support his rule still enjoys in the region despite having ordered the horrifying killing and dismemberment of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul's Saudi Consulate, as concluded by the CIA. However things didn't exactly go as planned.

Following the backlash, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities denied the claims, saying that no flags of any countries were projected on the Pyramids as of recent. "Not Saudi Arabia's flag nor that of any other country," said a ministry official to Masrawy.

It should be noted that, despite the warm official welcome of the prince in Egypt and other Arab countries, he was also severely attacked in a statement by more than a 100 Egyptian journalists, who described the Saudi Royal Family as the 'biggest threat to freedom of speech, not just today, but throughout history,' as reported by Mada Masr.

Furthermore, Tunisia, being a democracy and all, saw widespread protests against the crown prince, with protesters demanding  his departure while describing his visit as an 'insult to the values of the Tunisian revolution'.

We get it, your royal highness, PR work is exhausting and you do what you got to do, but better steer clear of the Pyramids next time.

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