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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ministry of Antiquities: establishment of the First International Replicas exhibition in Japanوزارة-الآثار-172009302844728/

The establishment of the First International Replicas exhibition in Japan
The Ministry of Antiquities held the first international archeological replicas exhibition produced by the ministry, after the great success of the first local replicas exhibition inaugurated by Dr. Khaled El-Enany, Minister of Antiquities early this month in the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir.
Amr El-Tibi, Executive Director of the Archaeological Replicas Unit at the Ministry of Antiquities explained that this exhibition comes within the framework of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Antiquities and Al Ahram Association which would pay the packaging, transportation costs of the exhibition as well as the insurance of LE 3700000.
El-Tibi explained that the exhibition would be inaugurated in the fourth quarter of this year under the title of "The Activities of the Egyptian Week Festival in Japan" that will continue for 18 days, including 9 days in Tokyo and 9 days in Osaka. Thee exhibition will feature 150 replicas of King Tutankhamun collection in addition to a number of archaeological and scientific publications and books published by the Ministry of Antiquities, similar to the current replicas exhibition in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.
Elham Salah, Head of the Museums Sector at the ministry stated that this exhibition confirms the keenness of the Ministry of Antiquities on the new approach at this stage to increase the ministry's income.
Salah added that the success of the replicas exhibition held by the ministry in the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir is considered the real core of the ministry to take such a step and to the assurance of the success of the planned exhibition in Japan.
She also confirmed that this exhibition would highlight the skills of the ministry’s staff and their ability to produce archaeological models like the original as well as shedding light on their efforts to revive their heritage again, not only in Egypt but abroad as well.

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