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Friday, May 12, 2023

FW: Help Protect Sudan's Heritage

Dear Glenn,


I've worked with colleagues to provide a way to help support our friends in Sudan who have lost their livelihoods and are still trying to protect sites and museums. It's all very complicated but we now have a central location in the US, through AmSARC, for contributions that are tax deductible. Would you get the word out to the ARCE-NC list, please? Aliph Foundation has agreed to provide $30,000 but it won't be forthcoming for at least a month, so we need funds urgently to provide stipends. It's only $50 per week to support one site guard, so even small donations will add up quickly. We probably need at least $4000 per week for the next four weeks.


Thanks for your help in spreading the word,

Brenda Baker


From: American Sudanese Archaeological Research Center <>
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2023 12:30 PM
Subject: Help Protect Sudan's Heritage


Dear AmSARC members and friends,

Sudan is in crisis, and our colleagues with the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) need our help to maintain their positions and safeguard cultural heritage throughout Sudan! AmSARC is now accepting donations to aid NCAM colleagues and site guards. Funds raised will be transferred to an account established for the support of site guards and inspectors. Thank you for your help.


A donation link is available is at


Please note in the donation that the funds are for NCAM.


Checks can be sent to AmSARC Treasurer:

Michele Buzon


Department of Anthropology

Purdue University

West Lafayette IN 47907



American Sudanese Archaeological Research Center

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