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Sunday, April 10, 2022

"Rethinking the visual aesthetics of ancient Egyptian writing" on YouTube.

"Rethinking the visual aesthetics of ancient Egyptian writing," the excellent conference on Ancient Egyptian writing hosted virtually in November 2021 and co-organized by Stephen Quirke (UCL), Rita Lucarelli (University of California, Berkeley) and Hany Rashwan (University of Birmingham and UAE University), is now available on the YouTube channel of the Northern California chapter of ARCE. There are three videos for the three days of the conference:

Day 1 -
Day 2 -
Day 3

Each video may be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the link in this email, but if you are interested in one session on a given day, click on the link for that day, then click on "SHOW MORE," and finally click on the timestamp for the session you want.

The program schedule for the conference is here:

For more videos hosted by Northern California ARCE, please go to

Glenn Meyer
ARCE-NC Publicity

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