Saturday, July 1, 2017

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Petitioning Dame Nancy Rothwell

Scrap staff redundancies at University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has proposed severe staffing cuts across the university, including but not limited to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, and Alliance Manchester Business School. 171 members of staff are set to be axed despite annual income from tuition fees exceeding £423 million (2015/16).

A university statement claimed that these redundancies will "improve the quality of our research and student experience in some areas and ensure the financial sustainability of the university", but we believe that they can only be enormously detrimental to the academic experience and quality of teaching for a large number of students in a wide range of departments.

Please sign to demand that the University strongly reconsiders these redundancies in light of their commitment to providing a high quality learning experience for all its students.

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