Monday, July 31, 2017

Fwd: Photo of the day: camel festival

Marie Buttery, founding president of Northern California ARCE, would love this photo.

On 07/31/17 13:52, rss-Travel wrote:
Photo of the day: camel festival CAIRO - 31 July 2017: Aswan, the colorful city of Egypt, merges the desert with the Nile, multiplying their magic together that reflects on its residents.

There is no better sight to arrive to on Heisa Island than this camel dressed up and waiting right for you to greet you with a smile.

Egypt will always have something for you to amaze you wherever you go. Whether you are an artist, sport activist, or here to chill and relax.

Thanks to beautifully eyed photographer Ahmed El Sheikh for sharing this beauty with us. Find more of his work on his page .

Camel at Aswan – Ahmed Elsheikh

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