Thursday, July 13, 2017

EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Curse of the Mummy

EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Curse of the Mummy

Tell us a bit about Curse of the Mummy.

Curse of the Mummy is a frenetic hour of slick, action packed comedy full of outrageous characters, mischievous musical mash ups and a love cursed Mummy. The story follows our intrepid but useless explorer, Monty, as he travels from Peebles University to the depths of Egypt, chasing Nazis and attempting to stop a curse being released upon the world!

Do you think you know what to expect from the Fringe?

Even though this will be our fourth time performing at the Fringe, it always manages to throw up a few surprises. Like last time when our venue got flooded, or the time before when one of our actors became ill so we had to hire a friend to read his part for two nights.

But that's part of the charm and fun of the Fringe. If we wanted straight forward and boring I would've gone into accounting like my mum wanted me too.

How do obscure 80's ballads fit in with world history?

Spandau Ballet had a hit song called Gold and throughout history nations, civilisations and royalty have constantly been fighting over gold. Gold is a theme that features prominently in our show. There are many other links between world history and obscure 80's ballads but this is the only one we could think of on the spot.

Who would you recommend comes to see Curse of the Mummy?

Anyone with, or looking for a sense of humour. But definitely not any experts in Egyptology.

Are there any other shows you're hoping to catch at the festival?

2 Become 1, the 90s pop musical with a hilarious bunch of girls and Trygve Wakenshaw, the funniest.

Timings and ticket information for Curse of the Mummy are available on the edfringe website.

Photo Credit: Liam Prior

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