Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fayoum’s Magic Lake - Egypt Today's-Magic-Lake

Magic lake Fayoum – Facebook

Fayoum's Magic Lake

Tue, Jul. 25, 2017

CAIRO – 25 July 2017: The Magic Lake is an obscure beautiful lake located in Wadi El Hitan in Fayoum, it was named thus because it changes its colors several times each day depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight it receives. It's a brilliant place surrounded by desert so you can go sandboarding beside the Magic Lake, you can go swimming or enjoy sitting by the amazing waterfall. The lake also contains minerals that help treat patients of rheumatism, and you can also enjoy riding and racing cars through the desert, it's simply a magical place suitable for a magical trip.

1 horses by the lake – facebook

2 magic lake – facebook

3 camping magic lake – Wadi hitan - facebook

4 camping magic lake – fayoum - Facebook

5 water in Magic lake - facebook

6 Magical magic lake – facebook

7 Magic lake from a high point - Facebook

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