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Friday, March 18, 2022

Discovery of Five Tombs at Saqqara

- The Minister of Tourism and Architecture is checking the discovery of a new impact, announcing its details on Saturday
- The. Khaled Al-Anani thanks the staff for their efforts and confirms that all these discoveries were made in the hands of pure Egyptian
In an early hour of this morning, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, the Minister of Tourism and Architecture, the excavations of the Egyptian archaeological mission working in the area northwest of the Pyramid of King "Marnera" in Sakara, which has discovered the discovery of 3 engraved graves of the modern ancient state and the first transition, Inside them many burials and archeological meetings, accompanied by Dr. Mustafa The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Archeology and the President of the Mission.
Dr. Khaled Al-Anani decided to go down to one of these graves that was revealed with Dr. Mustafa Waziri, to check out the patterns and find an archeology inside them, encouraging him to work on the mission of the Supreme Council for Archef.
The Minister of Tourism and Effects thanked the staff for the efforts made by this generation of rich people of unprecedented discoveries in a periodic and organized in pure Egyptian hands.
Dr. Mustafa Waziri explained that the first cemetery of the discovered graves of a person called "Irie" from one of the top men of the state, and it consists of a well leading to the burial room of the walls engraved pictures with many funeral scenes including views of the tables of the cemeteries, the front of the palace, and the pots of essential oils Selling, also has a huge coffin of lime stone In addition to engraving pieces belonging to the cemetery owner and the mission is now working on collecting them.
The second grave yard was probably the wife of a man called a "Yart" because she was close to his grave. And it consists of a rectangular well. The third tomb belongs to a person called "Babi Farhafai", which used to occupy several positions of the only Samir, and the supervisor of the Great House, the sober priest, and the disinfectant of the house, while the fourth grave is a rectangular well that is about 6 meters deep under the surface of the Lady Td My "home" eyes that carried decorated titles The only king and the priest of the idolatry.
As for the fifth cemetery, it belongs to a person called "Henu", which consists of a rectangular well, which is about 7 meters deep and comes from between his namesake the supervisors of the Royal Palace and the only Sunmir, the heir prince and the pillar, the supervisors over the Great House, the bearer of the sea face seal, and the supervisor over the dress Tan.
The mission will continue on-site excavation work to discover more of its secrets, as the mission is currently working on cleaning these graves and its impactful documentation works.
It is worth noting, that over the past years the Egyptian archaeological mission had announced a number of important archaeological discoveries in the area of Saqara, including the discovery of hundreds of colored human coffins inside them mummiyawas in good condition of preservation for the elders of the state and the priests of the family For 26 which was selected from the top 10 discoveries World archaeology for 2020, in addition to the discovery of two graves from the fifth family era of the disinfectant priest "Wahati" and the overseer of the Royal Palace "Khoi" and a number of cat graves.
Ministry of tourism and artifacts
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