Friday, June 2, 2017

Egypt and Saudi Arabia among the most reading countries - Egypt Today
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Egypt and Saudi Arabia among the most reading countries

Fri, Jun. 2, 2017

CAIRO - 2 June 2017: In a recent report about reading, literacy and best-selling books, Global English Editing website reported that Egypt is the fifth most reading nation, and Saudi Arabia is the eleventh, both above the global average.

With the global average is 6.5 hours of reading per week, India is the highest reading nation with 10.7 hours, followed by Thailand 9.4 hours, China 8 hours, Philippines 7.6 hours, and Egypt 7.5 hours.

While these countries spend more hours on reading more than the rest, they are not considered the most literate countries. In terms of number of available libraries, newspapers, and computers, the report shows that the top five literate countries are Finland, Norway, and Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

The same report also included the global bestselling books, with Don Quixote in the first place with 500 million copies sold worldwide, followed by Xinhua Zidian 400 million copies, A Tale of Two Cities 200 million copies, and Lord of the Rings 150 million copies.

Although print books are selling very well, it is found that e-books are growing more popular by time, and are predicted to outsell paper books by 2018.
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