Friday, June 2, 2017

Antiquities Ministry restores Tutankhamun chariot, bed - Egypt Today
The chariot of King Tutankhamun - Creative Commons Via Wikimedia

Antiquities Ministry restores Tutankhamun chariot, bed

Thu, Jun. 1, 2017

CAIRO – 1 June 2017: Tutankhamun's funeral bed and military chariot have been transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to be repaired in the wood laboratory and displayed in his collection in the Grand Egyptian Museum that will be partially inaugurated in 2018.

The team working on the task finished unwrapping the pieces and have formulated a restoration plan.

Modern scientific methods will be implemented according to a designated timeline.
These two pieces were transferred in special wrappings and in boxes manufactured in Japan to limit the effects of knocks and vibrations on them during the transferring process, according to Masrawy.

That procedure is part of a bigger restoration project between the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the Japanese government. According to Masrawy experts on both sides will collaborate together.

The general manager of restoration affairs at the Grand Egyptian Museum and the project director, Hussein Mohamed, stated that the team's tasks consist of transferring and repairing 71 pieces to be displayed in the new museum.

The pieces are made of various materials including wood and textile. Each type of material will be repaired by a specific expert committee.

The collection contains 5 military chariots, 3 beds and 57 textile pieces of Tutankhamun, and 6 murals from Sneferu cemetery.

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