Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Weekly Digest

Nicholas Reeves Nicholas Reeves
Bookmarked by Salima Ikram
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Helmut Brandl Helmut Brandl
Bookmarked by Nicolas Grimal
The stylistic development of TIP private sculpture made of stone, bronze, wood, and (glassy) faience. Overview.
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Aidan Dodson Aidan Dodson
Bookmarked by Christopher Naunton
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Anthony Spalinger
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Uroš Matić Uroš Matić
University of MünsterInstitut für Ägyptologie und Koptologie, Graduate Student
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Andrea Peto Andrea Peto
Central European UniversityGender Studies, Faculty Member
Anstatt der u ¨blichen Form eines Gesprächs haben wir im Rahmene ines " virtuellen Round Table " fünf kultur-und sozialwissenschaftlich arbeitende Kolleginnen aus unterschiedlichen europäischen Ländern danach gefragt, wie sie den Umbruch von 1989 sowohl aus ihrer jeweiligen fachwissenschaftlichen Sicht, aber auch aus lebens-weltlicherPerspektive wahrgenommen haben. Uns interessierte dabei, was von " 1989 " geblieben ist und wie eine Historisierung des Endes des Kalten Krieges sowie der sich daran anschließenden Entwicklungena ussehen könnte, ohne in das normative Nar-rativ der " Rückkehr...
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Martin Andreas Stadler Martin Andreas Stadler
University of WürzburgLehrstuhl fuer Aegyptologie, Faculty Member
The Egyptian god Thoth is best known as a god of writing and wisdom, a lunar deity, and vizier of the gods, but was also a cosmic deity, creator god, and warrior. Being one of the oldest deities of the Egyptian pantheon, he is attested in many sources from the earliest periods of Egyptian history up to the Roman Period. The etymology of his name remains unexplained, possibly due to the name's antiquity. Perhaps it is his age as a divine figure that led to a rather confusing mythology with a series of contradicting traditions concerning his descent and his reputation as a benevolent versus...
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Andrey Korotayev Andrey Korotayev
National Research University Higher School of EconomicsLaboratory of Monitoring of Sociopolitical Destabilization Risks, Faculty Member
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James M. Dorsey James M. Dorsey
Nanyang Technological UniversityS Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Faculty Member
Pakistan has been for at least four decades a major theatre of operations in the global struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran for dominance in the Muslim world. The stakes for both regional powers are high given that Pakistan borders on Iran; shares with the Islamic republic the restless region of Baluchistan that potentially allows Saudi Arabia and Iran to stir the pot in each other's backyard; and is home to the world's largest Shiite minority viewed by the kingdom as an Iranian fifth wheel. To counter potential Iranian influence, Saudi Arabia has poured billions of dollars into...
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Anne Speckhard Anne Speckhard
Georgetown UniversityPsychiatry, Adjunct
Since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, estimates are that upwards of 38,000 foreign fighters have joined Sunni militant groups, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, in Iraq and Syria. As of mid-October 2016, the Balkan country of Kosovo had 316 confirmed cases of individuals who have traveled since 2012 to Syria and Iraq, with some joining ISIS. In fact, Kosovo has the unique distinction of having the highest per capita number of citizens of any country in wider Europe who left for Syria and Iraq since 2011. Forty-four women and 29 children from Kosovo are also believed to have traveled to...
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