Monday, May 22, 2017

Ancient embalming pots rediscovered in Luxor - Egypt Today

Pottery vessels rediscovered in Luxor Sunday - Press photo

Ancient embalming pots rediscovered in Luxor

Mon, May. 22, 2017

CAIRO – 22 May 2017: A total of 56 pottery vessels that contains the embalming material of Ebi were discovered in Luxor by University of Alcala's mission from Spain in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities, the Ministry announced on Sunday.

The head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department Mahmoud Afifi, said that the discovery came during the archaeological cleaning work carried out by the mission to the outer courtyard of the graveyard. Where they found a well leading to a carved room in rocks inside it the vessels were found.

Afifi added that these vessels were previously discovered by the English scientist Herbert Winlock between 1921-1922. After they were placed in a room on the north-eastern side of the outer courtyard without cleaning. The vessels remained in its place until the Spanish-Egyptian mission rediscovered them this year.

Afifi stressed that this discovery is crucial because it contributes significantly to highlighting the materials used in the process of embalming during that early stage of the Middle Kingdom.

Antonio Morales, the mission's director from the Spanish side, said that the discovered vessels included a number of linen rolls, dressings and thin covers that might have been used to cover the fingers during the embalming process, as well as parts of the body of Minister Ebi.

Morales said that among the contents of the pots were about 300 bags of natron salt, which was used in the process of embalming, oils and clay, in addition to pots with engraved hieratic writings.

Ezzeddin Nubi, director of the Central Region of Al-Qurna, said that this discovery was part of the project of the Middle Kingdom's Cemeteries. Ebi was the State Minister of King Amenemhat I (in the Middle Kingdom era.)
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