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Egyptians hate calling Daesh 'ISIS', here's why

Egyptians hate calling Daesh 'ISIS', here's why

There is only one Isis to Egyptians.

Isis (إيزيس), was once one of the most revered deities of ancient Egypt. As a mourner, Isis -the goddess- played an integral role in rites related to life and death.

In ancient Egypt, Isis was considered to be a magical healer. She cured the sick and brought the deceased back to life. She was also considered to be a great mother, and was a model for all women to look up to. 

But after the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2014, the acronym of the infamous terrorist group has flooded internet searches, hijacking the name Isis along the way. 

And naturally, Egyptians are not happy. 

1. This is the only Isis we acknowledge

Isis mourning the loss of Osiris (eighteenth dynasty) Musée du Louvre, Paris Source: wikipedia

Isis, the goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt, was first worshiped by ancient Egyptians. 

She was later worshiped throughout the Roman Empire and the greater Greco-Roman world.

2. When we google "Isis" though, we get this!!!

Just a simple online search on ancient Egyptian mythology, and you are bombarded with news and pictures of the terrorist group. 

3. We have to constantly explain why the terrorist group is called ISIS

Apart from growing up being asked about almost every terrorist group out there, we now feel like we have to constantly reclaim our heritage from one of the most infamous ones. 

ISIS is an acronym, and we prefer that people and news websites use the Arabic acronym 'Daesh' when referring to the terrorist group. 

Daesh, the Arabic acronym composed of the first 4 letters of the group's name, holds no meaning and that's exactly why the group and its sympathizers abhor it. 

4. You might even have an aunt called Isis

Isis in black and white marble (Roman, 2nd century CE) Source: wikipedia

Named after the goddess of course, not a group of terrorists! 

5. The real Isis is ancient and MUCH older than Daesh

Isis depicted with outstretched wings (wall painting, c. 1360 BCE) Source: wikipedia

Up until 3 years ago the name Isis was only associated with the 3000-year-old goddess. 

6. Isis represents the beautiful feminine

Isis & Osiris, Temple of Isis, Philae, Egypt Source: graycrawford
Isis was most often represented as a beautiful woman. She was associated with wisdom, health, loyalty, love, and compassion.

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