Sunday, July 10, 2016

(92) ‎Ministry of Antiquities: The tomb of the fifth dynasty official Rawer at Giza Plateau
The tomb of the fifth dynasty official Rawer at Giza Plateau is in a very good conservation condition.
Giza Plateau Director Ashraf Mohi asserted and explains that the ceiling Rawer's tomb was not collapsed as claimed in several reports published in newspapers and social media.
He continued that most of the tomb's walls and ceilings are not authentic and added later during its conservation in 1990s.
When discovered in 1929 by Egyptian Egyptologist Selim Hassa, Mohi said, the tomb was only included of two chapels: the first includes of a number of engravings while the second has only a large statute of the tomb's owner.
Mohi also denies that the ceiling of the Old Kingdom tomb of the government official Seshem Nefer at Giza plateau has been painted in plastic polish.
He went on saying that the tomb of Seshem Nefer is in a very good conservation condition and its authentic part is safe and sound.
Mohi pointed out that only 40 per cent of Seshem Nefer tomb is authentic and composes of limestone pillars and wall engravings while the rest of the tomb, which includes of the walls and the ceiling, is replica that has been added later during the 1990s in order to complete the tomb's missing parts.