Monday, October 19, 2015

Egypt Exploration Society Cairo Course: The Stars Above Egypt

Cairo Class: The Stars above Egypt

Event Info

Host: EES
Type: Education - Class

Time and Place

Start Time: Saturday, 7th November 2015, 5:00 pm
End Time: Wednesday, 11th November 2015, 7:30 pm
Location: The Egypt Exploration Society Cairo Office
Street: 192 El Nil Street- Agouza
City/Town: Agouza - Giza - Egypt
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Contact Details

Phone: +20 (0)100 5467 405


The course The Stars above Egypt offers an introduction to ancient Egyptian astronomy. The course consists of four lessons of two hours and will be given by the Dutch Egyptologist Huub Pragt. For many years he has been directing his private institute on Egyptology in The Netherlands. Every participant will receive the syllabus entitled (The Stars above Egypt) that will be used during the course.

Lesson 1: Astronomy in the Time of the Pyramids
Orientating on the stars
Orion Mystery
Pyramid Texts
Kha-channel as the ecliptic
The imperishable stars
The tireless star

Lesson 2: Egyptian Time
Sothis Period
Lunar calendar
Egyptian calendars
Decanal stars
Diagonal star clocks
Shadow clocks
Astronomy in the tomb of Senenmut
Astronomy in the tomb of Sethy I

Lesson 3: Zodiac
The Zodiac of Dendera
Solar eclipse
Lunar eclipse
The five visible planets

Lesson 4: Mystery of Osiris
Osiris and Seth
The eyes of Horus
The victory over Evil
Grain mummies
The mystery chapels of Dendera
The resurrection of Osiris
Dating the Zodiac of Dendera