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The Mummy reboot: ‘it’s horror adventure’ | Den of Geek

The Mummy reboot: 'it's horror adventure'

Jon Spaihts, screenwriter on Passengers and Doctor Strange, chats about his time working on The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise...

News Don Kaye
Nov 3, 2016

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts is busy at the moment: he's credited on the script for Doctor Strange (along with director Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill) and his long-in-development original tale Passengers finally comes to cinemasthis December. And next year, we'll see another tentpole-sized movie he had a hand in writing: The Mummy.

Launching the Universal Monsters shared universe, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise as well as Star Trek Beyond's Sofia Boutella as the title creature. We have not heard a whole lot about the tone of the film - is it straight-up horror, or more of an action-adventure? - but speaking with Spaihts yesterday (November 1) while he did press for Doctor Strange, Den Of Geek US asked him about the Alex Kurtzman-directed project (which has had a few more writers come on board as well):

"Yeah, there have been a lot of artists on that one, but I was the first writer on", he said. "I did a bunch of drafts. Then I co-wrote a bunch of drafts with the director, Alex Kurtzman, a lovely guy. I've had a lot to do with the shaping of it. It is both a horror movie and an action adventure movie. It's horror adventure, which is a genre I love…I think there's a real homage in it to the kind of original Boris Karloff Mummy movies, the classic Universal monster pictures, but of course, those have been updated to the modern possibilities of cinema and the modern sensibilities."

Spaihts acknowledged that he was not working on the film any more, but added that he had "high hopes" for it.

The Mummy comes out June 9th 201
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