Tuesday, November 3, 2015

“This Is Egypt” tourism campaign suspended over crashed Russian plane: official | Cairo Post

"This Is Egypt" campaign suspended over crashed Russian plane: official

Tourists during their visit to the pyramids - YOUM7

CAIRO: The activities of  the "This Is Egypt" tourism promotion campaign have been suspended in seven European countries in the wake of a Russian plane crash, Chairman of the Egypt Tourism Authority (ETA) Sami Mahmoud announced Monday.

"The campaign was launched in the UK during the World Tourism Market currently held in London while it had been indefinitely suspended in Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic," Sami said in a phone call with T.V. channel CBC Monday.

"We have decided to postpone the campaign until the crash causes are revealed. If the cause is a technical failure, tourism will not be affected as such incidents happen everywhere in the world," said Sami.

The plane crashed over Egypt's Sinai Saturday due to a "technical malfunction in the engines," Youm7 quoted an official source at the Civil Aviation authority. An international team of experts have come to examine the crash site, and their findings have yet ot be announced.

The plane, which went missing from radar screens 23 minutes after departing Sharm al-Sheikh airport, had 217 passengers and seven crew members onboard.

The hashtag of the "This Is Egypt" campaign has been appearing between the hands of international celebrities including actor Morgan Freeman who visited the Pyramids last week and renowned musician Yanni who performed at Giza Pyramids Friday night.

Egypt's tourism sector, which represents 11 percent of the country's GDP, has been suffering from ongoing shocks ever since the 2011 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Despite a few instances of apparent recovery, instability and political turmoil continue to challenge the sector.

As many as 1.6 million Russian tourists  visited Egypt over the course of the fist seven months of 2015,