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Fwd: Open Access Journal: Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin

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Subject: Open Access Journal: Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 12:23:33 GMT
From: Charles Jones

Open Access Journal: Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin [First posted in AWOL 9 November 2012, updated 29 October 2015]

Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin
ISSN: 1369-5770
Sudan & Nubia is published each autumn. It contains much of interest on recent archaeological fieldwork in Sudan, including many articles on surveys and excavations only undertaken during the previous winter.
The bulletin is an ideal way to keep abreast of current British activities in Sudan, and also contains contributions by eminent foreign scholars. It is profusely illustrated with line drawings and monochrome and colour photographs.
Sudan & Nubia is free of charge to Society members, who receive it a year in advance of online release … JOIN THE SOCIETY >
Individual articles can be read (free) through the online reading service ISSUU by following the links below. If a download is preferred, sign up to ISSUU, which will then provide download links (free).
Sudan \& Nubia No.16
Sudan & Nubia : No. 16
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2012
168 pagesREAD ARTICLES >
Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed. Quarrying for the King – the Sources of Stone for Kushite Royal Monumentsread now >

Ahmed Hamid Nassr Hamd. Qalaat Shanan: a large Neolithic site in Shendi townread now >
Anderson, J., Salah Mohamed Ahmed and Sweek, T. Meroitic Building Techniques: a few observations from Dangeilread now >
Davies, V. Merymose and others at Tombosread now >
M. Drzewiecki and T, Stępnik. Fortresses of Sudan Project. Abu Sideir case studyread now >
Flache, M. The round structures of Gala Abu Ahmed fortress in lower Wadi Howar, Sudanread now >
Francigny, V. Preparing for the afterlife in the provinces of Meroeread now >
Gascoigne, A.L. and Rose, P.J. The forts of Hisn al-Bab and the First Cataract Frontier from the 5th to 12th centuries ADread now >
Huber, R and Edwards, D.A. Gebel Adda Cemeteries 3 and 4 (1963-1964)read now >
Lohwasser, A. A Survey in the Western Bayuda: The Wadi Adu Dom Itinerary Project (W.A.D.I.)read now >
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Murtada Bushara Mohamed and Mohammed Saad Abdalah. Rosieres Dam Heightening Archaeological Salvage Project. The Excavations at Azaza Site ROSE 5, Preliminary Reportread now >
Munro, R.N., Mohammed Abdel Mahmoud Ibrahim, Hussien Abuzied and Babiker el-Hassan. Aeolian sand landforms in parts of the Sudan and Nubia. Origins and impacts on past and present land useread now >
Rilly, C. and Francigny, V. Excavations of the French Archaeological Mission in Sedeinga, 2011 seasonread now >
Spencer, N., Macklin, M. and Woodward, J. Re-assessing the abandonment of Amara West: the impact of a changing Nile?read now >
Stevenson, A. Social Complexity Set in Stone? The A-Group Site of Afyehread now >
Suková, L. and Varadzin, L. Preliminary report on the exploration of Jebel Sabaloka (West Bank), 2009-2012read now >
Welsby, D.A. The Kerma Ancien cemetery at site H29 in the Northern Dongola Reachread now >
Yahia Fadl Tahir. The Archaeological, Ethnographical and Ecological Project of El-Ga'ab Basin Western Dongola Reach: A Report on the First Season 2009read now >
For all editions …
Sudan & Nubia : Nos. 1-16 : tables of contents
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London


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