Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ancient Art Council Fall 2016 Programs - EXTRA! EXTRA!

From: "Louise Chu"
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Subject: Ancient Art Council Fall 2016 Programs

One more lecture to add to our fall programs: Mummies of the Vatican: Genuine or Fake …


Dr. Alessia Amenta, curator of Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities at the Vatican Museums, will speak on two “miniature-mummies” in the Vatican collection.


Date: Saturday â"‚ 22 October

Location: Gould Theater â"‚ Legion of Honor

Time: 10:00 amâ€"NOT our usual 2:00 pm


Ancient Art Council

supporting Antiquities at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco


Florence Gould Theater

Legion of Honor

100 - 34th Avenue

Lincoln Park

San Francisco


Saturday, 24 September, 2:00 pm

Prof. Carol Redmount

University of California, Berkeley


Invisible Cities: Urban Environments in Ancient Egypt


Saturday, 22 October, 10:00 am

Dr. Alessia Amenta

Vatican Museums


Mummies of the Vatican: Genuine or Fake


Saturday, 29 October, 2:00 pm

Prof. Christopher Hallett

University of California, Berkeley


Ancient Bronzes as Art Objects:

Roman Collectors and “Corinthian Bronzes”


Lecture in memory of Prof. J. K. (Jock) Anderson


Saturday, 5 November, 2:00 pm

Prof. Rita Lucarelli

University of California, Berkeley


The Inhabitants of the Netherworld: Tracking Demons

in Ancient Egyptian Mortuary Papyri and Coffins


Lecture in memory of Dr. Rolf Scherman


Saturday, 3 December, 2:00 pm

Prof. Albert Leonard, Jr.

University of Arizona


Growing Up Bacchus: An Archaeological

Look at a Wine-god’s Early Years



ancient art Exhibition

Legion of Honorâ"‚Gallery 1

The Future of the Past: Mummies and Medicine

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