Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Event: Wep Wa-ut in Westwood: Ancient Technology | UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Event: Wep Wa-ut in Westwood: Ancient Technology

Date & Time

May 15, 2016 -
10:00am to 5:30pm

Contact Information

Willeke Wendrich
Phone 1-310-206-1496


Fowler A103B (Lenart Auditorium)

Event Details

The ancient world is characterized by technological innovations and the creation of beautiful objects of art and daily life. On this public lecture day UCLA graduate and undergraduate students will explore who the people were that made these, what techniques they used, and how we can learn about their social circumstances.

This event is free and open to the public. 


10.00-10.20         Carrie Arbuckle                Wood

10.20-10.40         Adam Dibattista                Bone

10.40-11.00         Cara Lam                          Slaughtering as a Religious Act

11.00-11.20         Salah Halim                       Bread

11.20-11.30         questions

11.30-11.40         coffee break

11.40-12.00         Vera Rondano                   Faience

12.20-12.40         Chelsi Dimm                     Pottery

12.40-1.00           Sam Gonzalez                  Pottery

1.00-1.10             questions

1.10-2.15             Break

2.20-2.40             Timberlyn Woolf               Mud brick

2.40-3.00             Ceanna Van Eaton           Quarrying

3.00-3.20             Idi Okilo                            Stelae

3.20-3.30             questions

3.30-3.40             tea break

3.40-4.00             Nadia Ben-Marzouk         Metal

4.00-4.20             Dani Candelora                Hyksos

4.20-4.40             Heidi Hilliker                     Textile

4.40-5.00             Luke Breinig                     Time

5.00-5.10             questions