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First Ancient Near East Today of 2016
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January 2016: Vol. IV, No. 1 - Published with the assistance of The Lanier Theological Library and Stevan Dana

Israel's Marine Archaeology Treasures; the Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments Project; Crime and Punishment in Pharaonic Egypt; and More!
Welcome to The Ancient Near East Today Volume IV, No. 1! In this issue we travel from Iraq to Egypt, with a dive off the coast of Israel.

We begin with Ehud Galili and Sarah Arenson, who look at the challenges of managing Israel’s underwater archaeological resources. Next, Helen Malko describes an important project to document Mesopotamian monuments, from ancient sites to early modern buildings. From our sibling publication, Near Eastern Archaeology, we’re pleased to present a version of Renate Müller-Wollermann’s discussion of crime and punishment in ancient Egypt.

We’re also pleased to highlight a video of Susan Alcock’s important plenary talk from ASOR’s 2015 Annual Meeting, and scholarship reports from ASOR-supported students.

As always, please forward articles from The Ancient Near East Today to family and friends, post links to Facebook, and be in touch with the editor. Remember, being a Friend of ASOR is free!
Israel's Marine Archaeology Treasures – An Endangered Cultural Resource
By: Ehud Galili and Sarah Arenson
Israel’s underwater cultural assets include shipwrecks, prehistoric settlements, and installations like ports. Managing resources that are mostly out of sight requires skill and sensibility. Read more ... 
Preserving the Past, the Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments Project
By: Helen Malko  
As modern Iraq and Syria crumble, ancient Mesopotamia is under threat as never before. A new project aims to document monuments in danger of destruction, from Neo-Assyrian rock reliefs to Christian monasteries. Read more ...
Crime and Punishment in Pharaonic Egypt
Renate Müller-Wollermann
Robbery, assault and battery, and murder were all well known in ancient Egypt. There was no word for treason, nor did they distinguish between adultery and rape. Read more ... 
Susan Alcock Stepping It Up (Like a Ziggurat): The Place of ASOR in the 21st Century? (video)
ASOR and many Near Eastern archaeologists have been preoccupied by the calamitous destruction of cultural resources in the Middle East, but should archaeology in the 21st century be about more than loss? Read more ... 
Twitter Recap: Protecting Our Shared Heritage in Syria — International Summit to Promote Collaboration
In December, 20 international organizations came together to discuss how best to protect Syria’s cultural heritage. Here is a Twitter recap of the event.  

ASOR Scholarships
Turkey, Jordan, and Israel are only some of the countries where ASOR-supported students work. Read the latest reports and get behind the cause of supporting the next generation of archaeologists!
Read more ... 

ASOR 2015 Annual Meeting Videos
Weren't able to attend the 2015 ASOR Annual Meeting? Maybe you were there, but you want more. Each week, we're adding more videos from Atlanta to the blog. Enjoy a poster presentation, the plenary address, and papers on the topics of object biography and the archaeology of pilgrimage. Read more ... 
ASOR Archive Photo of the Month
ASOR’s Ford Station Wagon field vehicle, Beersheba, c. 1945. For more information on the ASOR Archives, click here, or email the ASOR Archivist, Cynthia Rufo-McCormick.

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Published with the assistance of The Lanier Theological Library and Stevan Dana.