Saturday, January 9, 2016

Egyptian Museum finally gets its day in social media spotlight

Egyptian Museum finally gets its day in social media spotlight

Noha Medhat

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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to the largest and most comprehensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world, it has always been recognized as one of Egypt's must-visits.

However, with fewer tourists visiting Cairo in recent years, the museum's prominence became overlooked in comparison with other tourist attractions in Egypt and around the world.

In an effort to revive the museum, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry allowed visitors to take photographs inside the museum for free from early December until Jan. 7; photography inside the museum previously required additional fees.

As a result, social media was flooded with photos of the museum's distinctive interior and iconic pieces, most notably King Tutankhamen's world-famous gold funerary mask, which was recently restored and put back on display.

The photos not only showcased the museum's beauty, but served as a reminder of just how special it really is. These are 17 of the best photographs taken inside the Egyptian Museum during the free-photography month.

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