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Collection highlights

The Society's collections are unique resources of significant value to our knowledge of Egypt and the discipline of Egyptology. With over 20,000 library volumes, an estimated one million archival items, and over 500,000 papyri fragments, the research potential of these collections is enormous. In these brief essays staff, volunteers, and visiting researchers explore some of the highlights from these resources and offer some thoughts for further investigation.

Amelia Edwards: Writer. Adventurer. Explorer.

This International Women's Day, Fern Riddell celebrates the role of women in Egyptology by taking a look at the fascinating life of Miss Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards, co-founder of the EES and driving force during its early years

Buhen: A site submerged

The massive Middle Kingdom fortress of Buhen was excavated by the EES from 1957-64. By Carl Graves

The multi-talented Mrs McClure

Volunteer Dr Brigitte Balanda explores the history of a family of early Fund supporters

Hilary Waddington: Lights, camera, action

Experience and practicalities of excavating at Tell el-Amarna between the wars with Society volunteer, Susan Biddle

Artwork and Egyptian Archaeology

Explore our watercolour collections. By archive intern Urška Furlan

The Egypt Exploration Society and the Bristol Museum

Archive volunteer Alix Robinson has been tracing object distribution from sites in Egypt to museums in the UK as part of the Artefacts of Excavation project - read more here.

A Society of its time: SPMAE

The Society for the Preservation of the Monuments of Ancient Egypt. By Carl Graves

Rediscovering Pendlebury's 'Crock of Gold'

Retracing the excavators in the Amarna archives. By Katherine Piper

Ricardo A. Caminos: 'A very private person'

Archive intern Maria Rodriguez Rubin explores the friends and career of Ricardo Augusto Caminos

Some detective work, and a real-life murder mystery

Rediscover one character from SPMAE, a few familiar names and a murder mystery! By Brigitte Balanda.

The Umbarak family

An (as yet) untold story from the Tell el-Amarna sub-archive about a family of Egyptian workers in the 1930s. By Susan Biddle

Amelia Edwards: The Grand Tour

Join Society founder, Miss Amelia Edwards, "A thousand miles up the Nile" in her own words. By Hazel Gray

Reuniting the Carter watercolours

Four years ago Lee Young and John Wyatt began a project to catalogue all of the watercolours held at The Griffith Institute and The Egypt Exploration Society - here is an update on their progress so far.

Buhen: A dig house becomes a home...

From 1957 until 1964, the Buhen dig house provided a hub for UK operation in Nubia, here Carl Graves takes a look at the home through the archives.

Peet, the JEA and the First World War

Archive researcher Clare Lewis presents Thomas Eric Peet and the foundation of the JEA back in 1914

Deciphering and discovering: Cataloguing the 'Early Correspondence'

Dr Brigitte Balanda tells us about her project to record the early characters and events in the Society's history

New developments in the EES Lucy Gura Archive

The new referencing system to help us store, locate, and organise our collections is explained

The Inside Story

Join Nicola Hughes as she explore the dedications and names inscribed in the Ricardo Caminos Memorial Library

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